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Distance Group Blockage-Be-Gone Clearing Sessions
Blockage-Be-Gone! Group Clearing Sessions
Distance Group Energy Blockage Detection Clearing
Ready to Order?

Sessions can be ordered for loved ones as well - you can tell them about it or not. . Prayers are used to set up the sessions and create the Report so the Divine determines what is allowed to be done or cleared. There is no interference with a person's free will or what is meant to be for a life path.

Don't wait to register as spaces are limited. Only 10 people are accepted for the Group 1 Session

Don't wait to register as spaces are limited. Only 10 people are accepted for the Group 1 Session

Sessions are currently scheduled for:

Session 1: Thursday September 20th
Session 2: Monday September 24th
Session 3: Friday September 28th


Send Report to Email:

GROUP 1 - Registration Closed
Group 1 Session Clearing 1: Friday August 31st
Group 1 Session Clearing 2: Tuesday September 4th
Group 1 Session Clearing 3: Saturday September 8th

You will have to choose what you want to be worked on during the session from the following options listed below and you should enter and symptoms that you have related to the choice you make on your order. Scroll down to read more about each option.

1. General Clearing and Balancing - The General Clearing is excellent for someone who has never had any energy blockage clearings before, for someone who wants to balance their chakra or energy centers, or for someone who has been getting Focused Clearings and wants to maintain what has been achieved. It helps to balance the body in general on all levels.

2. Clearing of Blockages Contributing to or Resulting from Stress - This clearing is ideal for those who have a great deal or stress in their lives or who don't handle stress very well. Stressful situations often cause muscles to contract or tighten which can lead to many different physical and emotional issues. It is extremely beneficial for anyone that gets anxious, tense or emotional when going through or dealing with any life situation such as: relationship issues, a new situation, new babies, young or special needs children, jobs with a lot of pressure, illness, etc. It's even beneficial for those who are sensitive to energy and lunar influences.

3. Clearing of Blockages Contributing to Pain/Inflammation - Pain and inflammation in the body is caused by many different things such as new or old injury, illness, improper eating habits, addictions, arthritis, surgery, overworking the muscles, etc. This clearing works on removing blockages that create pain and inflammation in the body.

4. Removal of Old Energy Not Needed - This session is designed to remove old energy that is no longer needed for one's life path. The energy can be from early childhood or even from past lives as we often bring energy from past lives into this one to work on karma or life lessons.

5. Strengthening of Immune System - This session is designed to remove blockages contributing to a weak immune system. The immune system becomes weak for many reasons. For example, we live in a time where toxins are found in our foods and in the air we breathe and that can affect our immune system. Eating poorly for one's body can contribute to a weak immune system. Consuming sugar is known to deplete the immune system. Having parasites that live off of your nutrients can deplete the immune system. Stress and other illnesses affect the immune system. This clearing focuses on give the system energy to strengthen the immune system as well as clearing blockages contributing to a weak immune system.

6. Clearing of Blockages Contributing to Digestive Issues - This session is designed to clear blockages associated with the digestive system. This is excellent for those of you who suffer from constipation, diarrhea, leaky gut, Crohn's disease,IBS, etc. and their symptoms. Issues of the stomach can affect the knees as well as the energy meridian flows through the knees.

7. Clearing of Blockages Contributing to Diabetic Issues - Many people who have diabetes end up with feet problems as well as circulation issues so this clearing focuses on those issues and any other symptoms detailed. Spiritually it is affected by a lack of joy in one's life so removing blockages that contribute to a negative mindset are also addressed.

8. Clearing of Blockages Preventing Positive, Happy Thoughts (Depression/Anxiety) - When a person goes through a lot of suffering or unhappy events in one's life, it generates a lot of thoughts that are repetitive and ongoing in nature. This energy can build up in one's energy and cause blockages. It can create depression and/or anxiety. Removing energy contributing to negativity allows for the flow of positive energy.

9. Clearing of Blockages Preventing Self-Love Thoughts/Actions - It's time for everyone to have self-love and this is not an easy goal for someone to attain. There are so many pressures from society, friends and family to live a certain way and that might go against what you really want to do. Not being able to say no to others, feeling guilt, feeling a sense of obligation, not feeling worthy, fear of abandonment ... these all interfere with the ability to experience self-love and how happy life can be.

10. Clearing of Blockages Interfering with Attracting/Keeping/Leaving a Romantic Partner - Love relationships play a significant role in one's life. You might be looking for love and want someone to share your life with or perhaps you are looking for companionship. You might be in a relationship that has issues and want it to be improved in some way. You might be ready to move on to another relationship, but find it overwhelming to take the first step. This clearing addresses whatever relationship issue you detail and help you to achieve your relationship goals. This cannot "make" someone love you - it simply removes blockages affecting this aspect of your life so it can be the best it can be and as it should be.

The Basics of the Group Session - What it is and What You'll Receive

Did you know that a blockage in your energy can cause physical and emotional issues? Each living thing has an energy body and that energy supports and creates the physical and emotional bodies. You need that energy to flow without obstacles or blocks. Free flowing energy enables you to feel your best and help heal you.

In a Group Blockage Be Gone! Session, the energy is dispersed or shared between all those in a Group of up to 7 people. Group clearings are a a gentle process - perfect for those who don't want a clearing to interfere with their lifestyle. Even though they are gentle, you'll still receive benefits and some notice changes after the first clearing (there are 3 clearings done on 3 different days in 1 Group Session). Want something more intense a check our the Focused Sessions.

Each Group Session takes approximately 1/2 hour to complete. The best part? While the session is being done, you continue living life as you normally do - you don't have to do anything to prepare for the sessions and you don't have to do anything while the session is happening. You can just relax and live life normally.

Also, sessions fit into one's schedule easily - regardless of where you live in the world. Group Sessions are perfect if you don't want to think about the clearing taking place or have it interfere with life in general.

You'll receive:

- a total of 3 Group Sessions for a total of 1 1/2 hours of energy clearing and each session is scheduled 3 days apart to give your body time to adjust to the flow and change in energy that the clearing creates
- a personal web page with your current Blockage-Be-Gone Report (Report shows you the blockages that are being worked on throughout the 3 sessions (access it anytime during your sessions or download it)
- an email notification letting you know when each session has been completed
- FOR A LIMITED TIME, you'll also receive a BONUS brief message from your Spirit Guide relating to your session but can be anything (encouragement, inspiration, insight, advice, etc.)

1. What is Given or Removed During a Session

What is given or removed during your Group Session is determined by the Divine, but can include, but is not limited to any or all of the following...

- Old energy no longer needed and influencing one's life path, including past life influences (For example, you might be storing energy from a past relationship that's affecting a current relationship even though you've resolved any issues from that past relationship.)
- Negative energy such as old thoughts/feeling/emotions (It does not remove negative entities if one has attached to you - that is a different service.)
- Energy picked up from others that are clouding the aura (This is something that Empaths or Sensitives tend to do and it can really affect how a person thinks and feels.)
- Energy that others have sent to you that affect day-to-day living
- Blockages impeding the flow of energy though the body
- Blockages affecting the Ascension Process - Any stress blockages in the body (physical or emotional)
- Blockages causing pain
- Blockages causing inflammation
- Remove energy from karmic issues that have been resolved and are no longer needed - Remove energy from life lessons that have been been learned and are no longer needed
- Clearing blockages along the energy meridians interfering with the flow of energy
- Increase energy flow to the body in general to be used as needed
- Help with clarity of thought
- Remove blockages affecting communication
- Remove fear energy affecting one's ability to move forward

What People Have Experienced as a Result of Their Sessions

- Clarity of thought and feeling less scattered
- Being able to cope with current issues better
- Increased sense of well-being
- Feeling "lighter"
- Having more energy - Feeling less tired
- Feeling happier
- Feeling more relaxed and calm
- The ability to interact or communicate with others more easily
- Being less tired or fatigued
- Being able to handle stressful situations better
- The ability to focus on the task at hand better
- Feeling more comfortable and at peace
- Decrease in or in some cases elimination of pain
- Increase in mobility or movement
- A more positive outlook on life
- A decrease in negative self-talk
- Decrease in symptoms
- Increase or decrease in appetite
- Less bloating
- Needing to take less medication
- Feeling less frustrated, angry
- a temporary increase in pain (this is because energy is flowing through areas that didn't have energy flowing through it before and there is slight inflammation until the body adjusts)

Experiences Noticed During and After a Group Session

People do not usually feel much or anything during a Group Session because the energy is dispersed and thus very gentle. Those who are normally sensitive to changes in energy are more likely to notice or feel any changes.

Most clients notice subtle changes in how they feel as time passes. Some however notice more intense changes especially if they have never had a blockage clearing before.

Is the Blockage Removal a Permanent Change?

It's very possible that a blockage that's removed won't come back however, it depends on many factors.

Often, a blockage is created because of a specific thought pattern or way of living. If the thought pattern continues or the way of living continues, the blockage will most likely return. How long before it returns would vary. For some, it could take days or weeks and for others it could take years. Each situation is unique.

If a blockage was created by a thought or action that has stopped or has changed for the better, then the blockage most likely won't be created again.

Some blockages could have been created by an accident or event. So if someone is burned and the blockage is removed so the energy if flowing as it should, that blockage will not return unless there is another event that creates the same blockage.

If someone has resolved karma or resolved an emotional issue but still has that old energy sitting in one's energy creating, it should not return once removed.

So there are many factors that influence whether a blockage returns or not. Most of the time it depends on the actions and thoughts of the client.

However, if the blockages are created by eating foods to which your body reacts negatively and you continue to eat the same foods, the blockages will return. If blockages are being created by working at a job that one hates and that situation causes stress and negative thoughts then the blockages caused by that situation can be removed. However, unless the thought patterns change because of a new job or simply because the person become more positive - the blockages will most likely return.

Clearing the blockages can often give the client an opportunity to change thoughts and actions easier especially if blockages are contributing to the thoughts or actions.

Group Sessions for Animals

There must be at least 3 animals of the same type (3 dogs, 3 cats, 3 horses etc.) for a Group Session to happen. If you would like to have a Group Session done on your animal, just send up an email and when we have enough for a Group, we'll let you know. If you have 3 of the same animal, Wendy will schedule a Group.

Write to us at contactcs@oralinlight.com and include the type of animal.


Oralin and those associated with the Oralin Blockage Detection and Clearing Service do not diagnose or treat diseases or claim to cure ailments and is not responsible for anything any client might experience as a result of receiving a Blockage Be Gone! Session. This is an energy blockage detection and clearing service and is not a replacement for other means of healthcare. Click here to read the complete Disclaimer.

Refund Policy:

No refunds.


About~Animal~Sessions    Step~by~Step~Ordering~Process    What~issues~can~be~addressed?    Case~Studies    How~many~sessions~needed?    Ordering~for~a~Loved~One    Understanding~the~Report   

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