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Understanding the Report
A Blockage Be Gone! Report is sent for any session. It's meant to give you a bit more insight into the blockages that were worked on during the session.
Blockage Be Gone! Report
Does Every Person or Critter Get a Report?

The answer is yes! It's important that you understand the blockages that were worked on during the session. However, not all reports are the same...

Currently, Blockage Be Gone! Session Reports with a diagram are done for people, dogs, cats and horses. Although sessions can be done for any living critter, they would not have the same type of report sent. A critter other than a horse, dog or cat would receive a written report. If there is enough demand for a particular type of critter, a diagram style report would be created.

People Reports: There are two basic diagrams used when a session is done for a person. The choice is male or female. Age is not taken into consideration. So a baby, toddler, young child, adult, or elderly person all use the same female or male diagram.

It does not matter if parts of the body are missing. The energy channels for that part still exist. Blockages can still form in areas where there isn't a physical part.

The diagram used is based on the physical anatomy a person was born with and does not take into consideration any plastic surgery, body alterations or the emotional state of mind.

The template is the same for any female body shape and any male body shape. It does not reflect a person's actual body type or race. It is simply designed to show the location of the body blockages.

Horses, Dogs and Cats: There is one template used for horses, one for dogs and one for cats regardless of the breed. We've selected images that give the best outline of a basic horse, dog or cat.

Understanding the Report

1 - This is the "SI" or Session Image number and is unique to each person, horse, dog, cat or critter. So the first session a person, horse, dog, cat or critter receives is "SI-1". The second session is "SI-2" and so on. This easily helps to keep track of the order of the sessions completed.

2 - This is the name of the person or critter that received the Blockage Be Gone! Session.

3 - This is the date that the image was drawn. An image is good for about 1 week. After that, a new image would need to be drawn as "life" affects the blockages and what is needed. 4 - The session is considered either a Physical or Emotional Session and is pretty straightforward. The Physical Session works on the energy of the physical body and the Emotional Session works on the energy of the emotional body or aura. Specials are either Physical or Emotional and have defined parameters such as being a Group Session for a particular issue or having a specific number of days between sessions, etc.

5 - This lets you know whether the session was a Focused Session (meaning that the entire session is focused on the person, horse, dog, cat or critter), or a Group Session (meaning that the energy is dispersed between all people, horses, dogs, cats or critters), a Focusedx2 Session (meaning a session that takes up to an hour to complete and removes more blockages than the Single Focused Session) or a "Special" (a new service).

6 - Divine Guidance for Another Session is either Beneficial or Optional.

Beneficial - Clearing the blockages creates an improvement in any aspect of one's life. The Guides are working with the client to improve his or her life. Progress is expected and results should be seen or experienced at some point. There will be times when work is done, but the client won't notice or feel changes, but change is happening. At some point, the client will see or recognize changes happening.

Optional - This is given when blockages are few and don't impact one's life yet. Or, there might be many blockages but they don't impact one's life or they must be there for the soul's experience. It's also possible that there are blockages that should be cleared, but the actions/thoughts of the client recreate the issue so the Guide's choose to make getting another session "Optional". Getting another session would prevent the blockages from building, but not resolve the issue.

There's always work that can be done on a deeper level. Use your intuition to choose whether to get another session.

7 - Minimum Number of Days to Wait Before the Next Session. A person, horse, dog, cat or critter needs time to adjust to changes in energy flow throughout the body created when blockages have been removed. This is unique to each Being and is dependent on how one handles the changes. It can even be based on events that are going to take place over the next few days.

8 - If you print out your Report and are keeping a diary or log, you can make notes of anything you felt during the session or any changes you notice over the following few days as the energy settles.

9 - A few words from the Guides letting you know what the clearing is meant to accomplish.

10 - This area shows the parts of a body where blockages are typically seen. It is meant to give a general location of the blockage. The "L" indicates the left side of the body and the "R" indicates the right side of the body.

A blockage in a certain part does not necessarily mean pain in that area. A blockage in one area can create pain or an imbalance in another part of the body. The blockages shown in the various parts of a Physical Session typically refer to the muscles and tissues in that area.

11 - There are specific energy channels/points that are worked on that relate to specific organs or meridians. So in addition to the blockages shown in the picture section, clearing is done for specific organs or meridians.


Oralin and those associated with the Oralin Blockage Detection and Clearing Service do not diagnose or treat diseases or claim to cure ailments and is not responsible for anything any client might experience as a result of receiving a Blockage Be Gone! Session. This is an energy blockage detection and clearing service and is not a replacement for other means of healthcare. Click here to read the complete Disclaimer.

Refund Policy:

No refunds.


About~Animal~Sessions    Step~by~Step~Ordering~Process    What~issues~can~be~addressed?    Case~Studies    How~many~sessions~needed?    Ordering~for~a~Loved~One    Understanding~the~Report   

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