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Distance Group Blockage-Be-Gone Clearing Sessions
Register for March's Group Energy Blockage Clearing and Balancing Sessions!

Registration Closes March 13, 2019. Don't wait to register as spaces are limited.

Group Session - Order Now!
$40.00* CDN (plus applicable taxes)

Register Early and SAVE!

Price increases to $45.00* CDN on Feb. 26th and then increases again to $50.00* CDN on March 6th.

Sessions take place on:

Session 1: Thu, March 14th
Session 2: Monday March 18th
Session 3: Friday, March 22nd

What Types of Blockages are Removed During These Sessions

New Focus added to this month's list...Change of Season Clearing and Balancing

It's time for a Change of Season Clearing and Balancing! Clear out the blockages that have built up from last season. Each season brings new challenges and our bodies have to adjust to changes in weather - and people's moods! Those just coming out of Winter might have taken on some blockages that contribute to those Winter Blues! And those coming out of the Summer Season might be in vacation mode or need to prepare for the cooler weather. This is the perfect opportunity to make sure your energy is ready for the changes!

When you order your sessions, you choose the focus of your sessions from the following list:

Change of Season Clearing and Balancing
Pain & Inflammation
Removal of Old Energy Not Needed
Strengthening of Immune System
Digestive Issues
Diabetic Issues
Strengthening the Immune System
Enhance Positive, Happy Thoughts
Increase Self-Love
Attracting Romantic Partner
Improving Romantic Relationship
Specific issue - detail below

Blockages removed are either of a physical nature in that the blockage is affecting the physical body or of an emotional nature in that the blockage is affecting the emotional body.

Hi Wendy,

Yesterday I felt amazing. I worked yesterday and my boss phoned in to see how things were going and she said you said very calm and happy. That was such a good feeling to feel that validation. The healings I have been getting are working. I am still under medical attention which I am greatful for. Yet am so grateful that you offer such a service. Have more then one person helping is such a great gift. Thank you again Wendy for all you do. - CJ :)" (Canada - Feb. 2019)

How Group Sessions Work...

In a Group Blockage Be Gone! Session, the energy is dispersed or shared between all those in a Group of up to 5 people. Group clearings are a gentle process - perfect for those who don't want a clearing to interfere with their lifestyle. Even though they are gentle, you'll still receive benefits and some notice changes after the first Group Session. Want something more intense? Check our the Focused Sessions.

Each Group Session takes approximately 1/2 hour to complete. The best part? While the session is being done, you continue living life as you normally do - you don't have to do anything to prepare for the sessions and you don't have to do anything while the session is happening. You can just relax and live life normally.

Also, sessions fit into one's schedule easily - regardless of where you live in the world. Group Sessions are perfect if you don't want to think about the clearing taking place or have it interfere with life in general.

You'll receive:

- a total of 3 Group Sessions for a total of 1 1/2 hours of energy clearing and each session is scheduled 3 days apart to give your body time to adjust to the flow and change in energy that the clearing creates
- an email notification letting you know when each session has been completed

These sessions can be ordered for loved ones as well - you can tell them about it or not. Prayers are used to set up the sessions so the Divine determines what is allowed to be done or cleared. There is no interference with a person's free will or what is meant to be for a life path.

Learn a bit more about Blockage Clearings...

If you have blockages in your energy, it can affect your physical body and your emotional body. To function at peak performance and to feel your best, get rid of those blockages so that the life giving energy flows smoothly throughout your body.

If you are sensitive to energy changes - this is a MUST! Often, you'll experience changes in your energy that you don't even realize are happening. You'll just feel out of sorts or your emotions can feel like they are out of whack. A clearing and balancing can do wonders for you. If you are going through emotional life challenges and suffering in any way, this can help remove blockages associated with stress and other emotions.

These clearings are ideal for those who have a great deal or stress in their lives or who don't handle stress very well (and this is normal for a Sensitive to have problems handling stress).

Stressful situations often cause muscles to contract or tighten which can lead to physical and emotional issues. If blockages are not cleared, energy doesn't flow properly and the body responds by shifting energy flows. So areas that need energy don't get any and other areas get too much energy. Ideally, energy should flow smoothly throughout the body for you to feel your best. These sessions can help to do that.

Registration Closes March 13, 2019. Don't wait to register as spaces are limited.

Group Session - Order Now!
$40.00* CDN (plus applicable taxes)

Register Early and SAVE!

Price increases to $45.00* CDN on Feb. 26th and then increases again to $50.00* CDN on March 6th.

Sessions take place on:

Session 1: Thu, March 14th
Session 2: Monday March 18th
Session 3: Friday, March 22nd

What People Have Experienced as a Result of Their Sessions

- Clarity of thought and feeling less scattered
- Being able to cope with current issues better
- Increased sense of well-being
- Feeling "lighter"
- Having more energy - Feeling less tired
- Feeling happier
- Feeling more relaxed and calm
- The ability to interact or communicate with others more easily
- Being less tired or fatigued
- Being able to handle stressful situations better
- The ability to focus on the task at hand better
- Feeling more comfortable and at peace
- Decrease in or in some cases elimination of pain
- Increase in mobility or movement
- A more positive outlook on life
- A decrease in negative self-talk
- Increase or decrease in appetite
- Less bloating
- Feeling less frustrated, angry

Experiences Noticed During and After a Group Session

People do not usually feel much or anything during a Group Session because the energy is dispersed and thus very gentle. Those who are normally sensitive to changes in energy are more likely to notice or feel any changes.

Most clients notice subtle changes in how they feel as time passes over the 3 sessions. Some however notice more intense changes especially if they have never had a blockage clearing before. If an area hasn't had energy flowing through it in a while, there can be a temporary increase in pain or symptoms as the body adjusts to the new energy flow. This normally lasts a day or so.

Is the Blockage Removal a Permanent Change?

It's very possible that a blockage that's removed won't come back however, it depends on many factors.

Often, a blockage is created because of a specific thought pattern or way of living. If the thought pattern continues or the way of living continues, the blockage will most likely return. How long before it returns would vary. For some, it could take days or weeks and for others it could take years. Each situation is unique.

If a blockage was created by a thought or action that has stopped or has changed for the better, then the blockage most likely won't be created again.

Clearing the blockages can often give the client an opportunity to change thoughts and actions easier especially if blockages are contributing to the thoughts or actions.


Oralin and those associated with the Oralin Blockage Detection and Clearing Service do not diagnose or treat diseases or claim to cure ailments and is not responsible for anything any client might experience as a result of receiving a Blockage Be Gone! Session. This is an energy blockage detection and clearing service and is not a replacement for other means of health care. Click here to read the complete Disclaimer.

Refund Policy:

No refunds.

* All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Applicable GST/HST taxes are added at Checkout for Canadian Residents. Prices subject to change without notice.


About~Animal~Sessions    Step~by~Step~Ordering~Process    What~issues~can~be~addressed?    Case~Studies    How~many~sessions~needed?    Ordering~for~a~Loved~One    Understanding~the~Report   

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