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Animal Sessions
Animals respond amazingly well to the Blockage Be Gone! service.
Distance Energy Blockage Detection Clearing
Which Animals Can Receive the Blockage Be Gone! Service?

Any type of living creature can have blockage detection and clearing done on it. That being said, we tend to focus on the more popular "pets" - horses (it all started with a horse!), dogs and cats.

We have specific Reports for those animals. We can however remove blockages from any animal or creature. A Report will not include a diagram, but you will receive an email with a basic report. If we get enough orders for a specific animal, we'll create a Report with a diagram.

Is the Session the Same for an Animal as it is for a Person?

The energy of an animal is different from that of a human however, the basics of how a session is done is the same. If the session is a Distance Blockage Be Gone! Session, then yes - it is done in the same way for an animal as it is for a person. If the session is done "in person", then it might be done differently depending on what is recommended by Spirit.

For any Focused Session, the animal should be at rest - not competing or working and you should allow for a few days "recuperation" time to allow your horse, cat or dog time to adjust to the new energy flow. These sessions take into account blockages in the physical body as well as emotional blockages.

While Sessions can be Focused or Group however, we don't always have Group Sessions going for all animals so please check before ordering as it might necessary that the animal has a Focused Session. The same benefits are received either way.

"I have to admit I was a little skeptical when Wendy started doing sessions with my dog Coco (picture above). He is 9 years old...a mini-pomeranian...born with a heart defect. Now...I want to say thanks Wendy for doing what you do! The diagram Elaine drew showed one blockage in particular that made perfect sense to me for what his health issues are right now, but I had never shared that issue with her. A big problem was getting him to take his medications without him spitting them out, sometimes once, sometimes multiple times. It was a constant battle. Since Wendy started doing the sessions with him, he takes them without issue, pretty much every time...and he's also started acting like a puppy again! Thanks again Wendy...keep up the good work!" - M.H. - Canada - July 2017

Are the Results for an Animal the Same as for a Person?

Animals respond extremely well to blockage clearing. They don't appear to have the same though processes and tend to live very much "in the moment". They don't seem to analyze every little thing the way a person does and tend to base their thoughts on experiences. So past experiences can influence them, but not in the same way it does for a person. They don't seem to "take action" to change the way they think. They are more accepting of "what is" and live accordingly. Behaviour issues also seem to get good results.

That being said, each animal is unique and responds differently to the sessions. Animals are free to "hold on" to issue just as humans so that can affect the results. They are also affected by what they eat, exercise, interations with others, etc. and all of these things can affect results.

One the major benefits of getting a Blockage Be Gone! Session for an animal you take care of is that the relationship between the owner and the animal is affected and changes. Also, if there are other animals around, the relationships between the group seems to change.

"The dog that met me at the door was a completely different dog than I left this morning. He was SO excited to see me. His tail was going like crazy, he leaped up on me, he was dancing around. I have no doubt that he was thanking me for bringing you to him. He flew outside and had a real bounce to his step." Just saw the chiropractor. She couldn't believe how good he feels. His shoulders weren't tight, his right side felt amazing and his left side was so much better. She was thrilled. Yay!!!!...He is very happy. His face is looking so much more relaxed. The other night, just before I fed them dinner, he was looking so young and puppy like. He doesn't have the same serious look on his face. B.N. - Canada - April 2017


Oralin and those associated with the Oralin Blockage Detection and Clearing Service do not diagnose or treat diseases or claim to cure ailments and is not responsible for anything any client might experience as a result of receiving a Blockage Be Gone! Session. This is an energy blockage detection and clearing service and is not a replacement for other means of healthcare. Click here to read the complete Disclaimer.

Refund Policy:

No refunds.


About~Animal~Sessions    Step~by~Step~Ordering~Process    What~issues~can~be~addressed?    Case~Studies    How~many~sessions~needed?    Ordering~for~a~Loved~One    Understanding~the~Report   

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